Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So Amazing...

I just cannot resist my amazing little boy.

His smile can brighten up my day in a heartbeat.

He has these pretty blue eyes that I could no longer live without.

And he holds my heart in his little hands

He is perfect in every sense If I had just one wish , i would wish for the world to realized how wonderful he is
To realize that he is no less than perfect

I thank God everyday for having him
I thank Him for giving me enough love to make up for others
I thank Him for everyday I am given
being his mother.

And everyday I pray for strength, patience and compassion.
I pray that nothing and no one will come in between our special bond.
I pray for peace of mind and heart.
I pray that jealousy and hurt will not change us.

A post for my amazing, wonderful and always perfect little boy


  1. Beatiful Sophie! I love the pictures and the message!

  2. Super cute pics Sophs!

    Stop by my blog and pick up your award :)